Reasons Why You Should Add a Shaker Ball to Your Gym Water Bottle

Reasons Why You Should Add a Shaker Ball to Your Gym Water Bottle

If you're an avid gym-goer, chances are you've seen people with a shaker ball in their water bottles. But why is this little steel ball so popular? Here are three reasons why adding a shaker ball to your gym water bottle can make your workouts better.

Why add a shaker ball to your gym water bottle?

It Helps Mix Supplements

A lot of gym-goers take pre-workout or protein supplements before they hit the weights. The problem is that these supplements usually don't mix very easily without clumps and lumps in the drink. That's where a shaker ball comes in handy - just add it to the bottle, shake it up, and voila! Your supplements will be mixed up perfectly.

It Enhances Carbonation

Lots of people like to add carbonated drinks such as sparkling water or energy drinks to their gym bottles for a refreshing boost during their workout. With a shaker ball, you can make sure that your carbonated drink stays fizzy and bubbly instead of becoming flat after a few minutes of sitting still.

It Keeps Drinks Colder For Longer

A good quality shaker ball will keep drinks cold for longer than usual thanks to its stainless steel material which helps insulate the contents from outside temperature changes. This means that if you want to enjoy an ice-cold protein shake after an intense workout session, you can do so without having to worry about it losing its chill too quickly!

Different types of shaker ball

There are varieties of shaker balls available in the market, from simple stainless steel ones to heavier ones with rubber or silicone coatings. But how to choose the right one? Well, it all depends on your needs - if you want to mix up supplements and enhance carbonation, then a stainless steel shaker ball is an ideal choice. But if you're looking for something that's more durable and can keep drinks cold for longer periods of time, then go for one with a rubber or silicone coating.

Alternatives of shaker ball

If you don't want to use a shaker ball, there are still other options for mixing up supplements and carbonated drinks. Blenders and electric mixers are good choices as they can easily blend up ingredients without any lumps or clumps. However, these alternatives can be bulky and difficult to carry around in your gym bag - which is why a small and easy-to-carry shaker ball is your best bet!


Whether you're looking for an easy way to mix up your supplements or just want something that will keep your drinks cooler for longer, investing in a shaker ball for your gym water bottle is definitely worth it! Not only will it help improve the convenience of having drinks at the gym, but it could also help enhance your overall performance while working out by providing a refreshing boost when needed most! So don't wait any longer: grab a shaker ball and add it to your gym water bottle for improved performance during your next workout session!