The Best Ways To Make Money On FIFA 22

The Best Ways To Make Money On FIFA 22

The question that comes to the minds of many when they hear of virtual gaming money is, “can it be converted to  actual money?” The answer is yes, but like most sources of making money, an individual’s amount depends on the number of successes achieved. These successes are only achieved with diligence and patience.

The difference between making money through virtual gaming coins and money made through real-life tasks is that virtual balance can be grown during leisure hours and while having fun or relaxing, but real-life tasks demand abrupt attention, time and can be exhausting. The truth about converting virtual coins into real-life money is that the probability of being scammed is high, provided the individual does not apply adequate caution.

Only a few games have virtual currencies that can be converted to actual cash, and the FIFA 22 game is no exception. FIFA 22 is a game that provides gamers with a virtual replica of real-world football games, traditions, events, and more. EA Sports created it, and gamers get to enjoy this gaming experience by using teams to play for rewards. These rewards are then used to optimize the gaming experience. The rewards are mainly FIFA 22 coins, and these coins can be converted into real-life cash.

This article explains how to make money on FIFA 22 by highlighting diverse tips to earn more FIFA 22 coins and places to convert them to real-life money (igvault).

How To Convert FIFA 22 Coins To Real-life Money

Converting FIFA 22 coins to actual money has led to many gamers being scammed of their FIFA coins. Hence, it is essential to stress that only one website is used to change FIFA 22 coins to actual money, and that site is the official website. How were not all platforms are granted licensed access to this site, thus avoiding falling victim to duplicate sites for phishing? Make use of some of these platforms below:

  • IGVault
  • Xbox Series
  • PlayStation series
  • PC

FIFA 22 can be gotten on any of the above platforms, making them an ideal place to exchange your FIFA 22 coins.

How To Earn More FIFA 22 Coins

There are diverse mediums to earn FIFA 22 coins. This is essential because the amount of FIFA 22 coins in your balance influences the money you get. These are some of the ways of earning FIFA 22 coins:

  1. Participate in SBCs: SBC represents the “Squad Building Challenge.” Every player has the choice of participating in diverse SBCs made available in the game from league SBC to competition SBC, but regular participation helps build your coin wallet. This is because the number of challenges you participate in increases the chances of gaining silver or bronze cards.
  2. Transfer markets: Like real-life football, FIFA 22 provides a transfer market where teams can profit from players with increased values. This is one of the reasons why gamers are advised to spend on silver or bronze cards because the player cards that accompany these cards increase in value during the transfer market.


FIFA 22 coins can be converted to actual money, but the process demands caution to avoid falling victim to various fraudulent sites. This article best explains the legit and assured medium of making money on FIFA 22 using FIFA 22 coins.